[sword-devel] I now replace '\n'->'\r' in modules

David Burry sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 00:25:08 -0700

I had thought that mac newlines were '\r' not '\n\r'.... either I have made
a mistake or you have... (not that it's that important, just that details
like this can be problematic if misunderstood)  ;o)


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Subject: Re: [sword-devel] I now replace '\n'->'\r' in modules

> Why?
> '\n' is newline.  '\r' is carriage return.  Our practice follows Unix
> standard practice, where each ASCII line is ended with a '\n'.
> DOS/Windows practice is to end in "\r\n" and Mac practice is to end in
> "\n\r".  There is really no need for a '\r' to exist in any Sword module
>   data entry.  So an ASCII blank line should be encoded as "\n\n".
> More importantly, you mention XML (which is good, because you should
> target/expect XML data) where all the whitespace characters you mention
> are interchangeable and render as ' ' if at all.  Blank lines in ThML
> should be encoded as <br /> or <p></p>.  In OSIS I suppose it will be
> something like <p></p> or <p/>.
> --Chris
> Victor Porton wrote:
> > I found the solution for my last question about newlines:
> >
> > I will replace '\n'->'\r'. So be aware (especially Windows programmers)
> > my LD editor may create modules having entries with '\r' symbol (I
recall that
> > ' ', '\n', '\r', '\t' (and only these Unicode symbols) are XML
> > symbols).