[sword-devel] WIN32 1.5.4 beta H

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 17:38:12 -0700

	Localization (german (de) included for testing) on main form.
	Basic sizing of hint box. Not perfect, but not bad.
	Jagged bottom (my best graphic attempt) if hint is too big to be displayed.
	Bug fix for lex lookup if hint lookup was ever used.

STILL TODO (please volunteer if you're interested in any of these):

     1) more bug fixes
     2) make unicode search work better    -OSK?
     3) make unicode search one line preview work    -OSK?
         About this, does TListView allow a cell (column) to be assigned 
a control class?  If so, could we use the TntEdit for the display?
     4) add verse lookup hints
     5) printing    - DTROTZJR?
     6) new bookmark file add [...] button and use standard Save As dialog
     7) Add export to installmgr
     8) Change installmgr to use CURL so I can compile it again
     9) move much of installmgr functionality to engine (after 1.5.4?)
     10) get working bcb6 project files commited
     11) review and fix anomalies in hint pref checkbox logic     -DTROTZ?
     12) change more of our #verselist| logic to real tags (GBF or ThML) 
Specifically, TSK and Naves?    -OSK?
     13) BDB @ showing as letter in LORD entry 3063 and elsewhere    -OSK?
     14) on mainfrm::FormShow, we should see if special module prefs are 
all assigned, and if not, assign to first module that matches the 
     15) strongs and footnote color in color table seems to be gone. 
Did we actually ever assign a color in gbfrtf?
     16) change Save Layout/Bookmarks/etc prefs checkbox to AutoSave 
     17) i18n on more forms.
     18) Fix module font selection form (and others?) for large fonts.