[sword-devel] new beta 1.5.4betaG

Adrian Korten sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 20:18:03 +0700

Good day,

After seeing the note about Basic Unicode searching, I had to give this
update a try. The results were mixed for the Thai audience that I'd like to

Windows 98 Thai was able to do searches of the Thai text (both the Thai KJV
and the version that I am working on for the Thai Bible Society - both now
UTF-8). The middle preview display did not properly align the Thai
characters but the bottom preview did it well. The actual display of the
chapter and verse selected is accurate. Footnotes are displayed in a font
size that is impossible to read in Thai. When headings are turned on, the
first verse is displayed on the line above the heading. As the mouse floats
over the main portion of the screen, it brings this screen forward and
pushes the search screen back behind the main screen. I'd like to show it to
the Thai co-workers at the office and get their comments. This is a huge
step forward!

Windows 98 English was not able to do searches of the Thai text. It's
display of the Thai text was accurate as well but with the same problems
with footnotes and the verse number and heading. I'd like to see if using
Keyman would allow for input but I doubt it.

I did not get a chance to test it on Windows 2000 but would like to do so.
If it works there, most Western users can afford switching to this platform
or to XP.

I was unable to save personal comments in either platform. After selecting
'yes' to save, it stays at the comment entry screen. Do I need an updated
Personal comments module? I am using the RF and Rf GBF codes for
cross-references but there does not seem to be a way to turn this off/on.
There is the same problem as footnotes with the display being too small.

And some questions: The Thai KJV does not have a font specified but it
somehow displays in a font size 4 points larger than the default. How is
this done? Second, earlier I had set a specific font for the TBS Thai
module. After switching it to UTF-8, I removed the font specification in the
mod .conf file. Yet it still seems to remember it. After using the option to
set a specific font in the Sword program for this module, it displayed in
the specified font. But if I clear the font from the userprefs.conf file, it
 goes back to the earliest font instead of the base Unicode font. Clear to
defaults does not help. How can I clear this old setting for a font - where
is the data stored?

Enough for now. Thanks for working on the Unicode searches!!


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> OK everyone,
> Here's the latest stuff (link at the bottom).  I'm probably gonna forget
> something:
> 1) Basic unicode searching.
> 2) unicode LD lookup box and key list (doesn't work for me, but might be
> my fonts)
> 3) prefs to toggle strongs hint popups
> 4) full unicode / rtf display of strongs hints
> 5) many little bug fixes.  Thanks for reporting them, keep us posted /
> remind us if your bug hasn't been fixed.
> Enjoy,
> -Troy.

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