AW: [sword-devel] Marketing of sword initiative?

David Burry
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 09:56:23 -0700

IE does not render ZWSP properly, it gives it about double or triple width,
at least last time I checked that's the way it was.

You don't want to separate every 2 "letters" you want to separate every
single "letter" in chinese, i.e. meaning every one character is a separate
word.  The idea of compound words made up of smaller words can be easily
dismissed and those can be treated as phrases.  Old DOS computers 10 years
ago used to render chinese two-byte encodings with two normal english letter
spaces on the screen, newer software is smarter than that and every
character only takes one position, regardless of how many bytes it takes


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> > On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Christian Renz wrote:
> > A Chinese character in UTF-8, 3 bytes, represents a word, not an
> > alphabetical character, and should be treated as such in any s/w IMO.
> Accordingly to this, it seems that we should insert (by a special filter)
a zero-width word separator (not sure that I named this Unicode char
correctly) between every two Chinese 'letters'. The problem however is that
not all browsers used today render this char correctly. Or may be it isn't
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