AW: [sword-devel] Marketing of sword initiative?

JP Horst
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 17:41:11 +0200

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> Betreff: Re: [sword-devel] Marketing of sword initiative?
> Hello Jens-Peter,
> > I am an enthusiastic bibletime user and new to this list.
> Cool. Esp. the part about BibleTime (I am one of the admins 
> of BibleTime). =) I respond not because I know everything 
> about sword, but just because nobody 
> else did. I like your idea.
> > My question: Has anbody started any initiative in the direction of 
> > marketing the Sword initiative?
> No.
> > I have the feeling usage was mostly spread by word of mouth or 
> > websites (passive online-marketing).
> Right.
> > But one could e.g. also directly target missionary or 
> bible-spreading 
> > organizations and inform them about the wonderful possibilities of 
> > the Sword initiative.
> Right.
> > This could not only be viewed as simply increasing the 
> number of users 
> > but rather as an own mission initiative of the sword community.
> Right.
> > It would be great if somebody could tell me:
> >  if anything in this direction has been done
> Nothing.
> >  if there are reasons against going something like this
> None.
> >  organizations one should contact
> No idea.
> >  your thoughts in general.
> I really like the idea of making sword more public. But what 
> else than a 
> passive web strategy would you aim at? Do you already have 
> thoghts / plans in 
> the queue?
> Martin
Originally I thought:

Since there is a chinese module, there area loads of chinese speaking
people, many find to Christ right now there and they probably are in
need for a cheap solution, why not post banners on e.g. the chinese
yahoo site. However, there are two hurdles:
1) that would cost money (one could try to find sponsors)
2) since I don't speak Chinese I can't even read the info in order to
plot the next steps, e.g. find out what it would cost.

Therefore, maybe someone else (Chinese speaker) feels called to do this
or do it together with me.

Another approach would be:
1) Gather a list of bible schools, missionary organizations & bible
translation/spreading societies
2) Put together some marketing material (e.g. a pdf page with
screenshots, features, available modules and link)
3) Mail it to 1), e.g. to have them post 2) on their bulletin boards
4) Let the sword website be flooded with download requests

Again another approach would be to start a chain mail, e.g. with the pdf
page, to christian friends around the world. This can also nicely be
combined with the last approach.