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Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 10:19:33 +0200

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Hello Victor,

> I turned 180 degrees and felt onto the floor of the church to pray
> and praise God that from that moment I am free and I know that the faith is
> only on Bible, not on statement of sinners (including all people which
> proclaim church doctrines), and that from that moment I have no any reasons
> to be such a bad Christian like other Christians I know, and being from now
> free may be will become a man of great spirituality.

Luke 18:10-14
Proverbs 3:34

Well I am glad that you are better than most of us. You are actually too good 
for our projects. We are still sinners who make mistakes, but we try to love 
and honour each other, while you search for hidden meanings in the Bible in 
order to become a man of great spirituality.

> I also state that keeping
> translating Bible only accordingly masoretic vowels is from devil.

Ok. Then I am probably of the devil as well, no?

> It is a teaching of Holy Spirit!

That is always a thing you can say to justify whatever teaching you want to 
spread. Big evil things were caused by this in church history.

> BTW about NT. Even preserving all the vowels it can be translated
> differently and we get such things as a senseful text about stars in
> cosmos...

Ah. How would that work?

> What is the source of the supposed forking? Martin, stop here and guess the
> answer before reading further. In this I am only a prophet which predicted
> the separation in a future. *You* are the man accomplished the prophecy.
> Yes, I can deny the splitting but only by one way, i.e. by stopping my
> work. Again the analogy with Luther which was excommunicated because of
> writing religious information as I am doing now and rejected to deny, but
> he haven't separated himself.

Come on! This is obvious. You are hiding behind shadow arguments.

> So, what I do? I tell citations from Bible and these now began to cause
> separations.

No, these don't! You do! The Bible can be misused.

> I want that all Christian in the same mind would read Hebrew Bible without
> vowels and believe!

Because if we don't, we are from the devil, right? And that is why you want to 
incorporate your software and data into our distributions. I see.

> Hopefully, I aim divisions only in
> that sense as somebody may aim to burst an airplane with people because of
> a danger virus in that plane without the aim to kill people. I only reject
> the vowels in people's Bible. But if I cannot erase the vowels from Bibles
> (vowels are a virus), I may need to get rid from being under control of
> that people, what causes these to throw me away (a separation).

You are right. And we need to get rid of being under your control. Sword is 
not an open "market of possibilities" for religous theories.

> You haven't *proove* that the concept is false!

Do I have to prove that a concept that was accepted and trustworthy over a 
period of hundreds of years is true? Or do you have to prove (I mean in a 
scientific sense, not just by saying: It comes from the Holy Spirit) the 
concept you introduced, which is rejected by the whole world of scientific 

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