[sword-devel] New Bug

Richard Guay sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 8 Jun 2002 19:16:41 +0700


I am using the latest build and it crashes with the personal commentary.  When you edit the 
commentary entry with the editor and then save it, the program produces this result:

SWORD caused an invalid page fault in
module SWORD.EXE at 0167:005e93b9.
EAX=005dadcc CS=0167 EIP=005e93b9 EFLGS=00010287
EBX=005dadcc SS=016f ESP=0080fe14 EBP=008103a4
ECX=00000001 DS=016f ESI=008103a0 FS=2307
EDX=008103a0 ES=016f EDI=008104a4 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
68 00 04 00 00 8d 44 24 04 50 8b 43 04 50 8b 03 
Stack dump:

This is Sword for windows version 1.5.4betaC.  It also never creates the entry at all.  
Therefore, the module is useless at the moment.  I look forward to being able to use this