[sword-devel] We need XML parser

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 05 Jun 2002 23:35:30 -0700

David Burry wrote:

> If you restrict the order, it's not XML, please don't call it XML if 
> it's not really, it will just confuse people.  If you want to use XML 
> I suggest using an existing XML parsing library rather than 
> re-inventing the wheel.
> Dave

I mentioned in my other reply that we won't be using any DOM parsers, 
but maybe I should explain why that is.  (And I do realize you hadn't 
received my other reply.)  So... we will never use a full DOM parser 
because we don't need the full capabilities of a DOM parser.  It would, 
at times, be nice, but it's not worth the increase in binary size or the 
headaches of porting other people's libraries to new platforms for them, 
which would be almost inevitable.

As for confusing people...  this is an internal issue, only relevent to 
people working on the Sword API or on modules that use ThML. 
 Considering the number of people in both groups is less than five, and 
considering that none of them seem especially confused on the matter, I 
would consider it not much of an issue.  Once someone actually submits a 
module that uses ThML features that fail to be noticed by the current 
code, maybe we can revisit the topic.