[sword-devel] We need XML parser

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 05 Jun 2002 22:33:16 -0700

It is unlikely that Sword will ever include or use a full DOM parser 
like xerces or libxml.  However, we will (at least in the future, when 
dealing with OSIS) do a better job of treating XML data like XML, rather 
than looking at particular order.

In any case, it should not be crashing because it gets attributes in a 
different than expected order.


Victor Porton wrote:
> Somebody said that XML format of modules is preferable.
> First a question arises: does this imply that two equivalent XML fragments 
> (e.g <a x="1" y="2"/> and <a y="2" x="1"/> are equivalent XML despite these 
> have different text representation) should be parsed by Sword equivalently? Is 
> variant when <a x="1" y="2"/> parses well, but on <a y="2" x="1"/> Sword 
> crashes acceptable (with obligation to use in modules only the first arguments 
> order)?