[sword-devel] R/w CVS

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 05 Jun 2002 12:32:41 -0700

If you have corrections or other code submissions for Sword, please 
create a patch file and email it to sword-patches@crosswire.org for 
consideration.  We don't give write access to our cvs repository to very 
many individuals.  Minimally, we require that they have submitted a 
number of patches and demonstrated familiarity with our API and 
consistency with our vision for the project.

If you have feature suggestions that you do not wish to implement & 
submit yourself, I recommend submitting not just the suggestion but also 
use cases.  We have received a lot of feature requests from you, but I 
don't believe you've explained why any of them are useful to you or any 
of our other users.

We are happy to assist you in the use of the Sword API, but I think 
giving us some more concrete explanations of what you're working on 
would help us in that role.


Victor Porton wrote:
> Hi,
> Please give me r/w CVS to sword. I already have one for both GnomeSword and 
> BibleTime. I did some work in GnomeSword, BibleTime r/w access yet lies unused 
> as my free time is very little.
> I am going:
> - fix bugs in sword by the way of my development (I recently found a bug.)
> - add some additional basic functionality (maybe a database for hash indexing 
> and like)
> - at a yet distant future incorporate my project related to ancient Hebrew in 
> sword.
> As I said I have little free time and my work will be not very active this 
> year.
> My login at SourceForge is "porton".