[sword-devel] beta R bugs and feature requests

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 01:44:36 +1200

For reference... I've got a large font for the bible text display (Lucida
Sans Unicode size 24), a smaller font for the commentaries (Lucida Sans
Unicode size 14), and a smaller font again for the dictionaries (Lucida Sans
Unicode size 10) and the pop-ups (Lucida Sans Unicode size 10).



The font size being used for the dictionary index looks like it is the same
as the bible text instead of the same as the dictionary. Also the index font
isn't refreshed when preferences are changed.

Resizing the columns in the search dialog still results in graphical

The preview in the Display tab is smaller than lifesize, and shows the wrong
size when Pop Up Windows is selected.

The verse popups from commentaries are still unusable in my setup (two
monitors with sword maximised in the left monitor.) And I can't turn them
off but leave the strongs popups on.

The text for the preferences option to turn strongs popups off neglects to
mention that it also turns verse popups off.

Basic Latin transliteration results in an aweful lot of spaces. Is it
supposed to?

Feature requests:

Can a different font size please be able to be specified for the search
dialog results and previews?

Can the search dialog populate the list of results as a background task, or
as displayed, so you can see the first few results, without having to wait
forever when there are a lot of matches? (I'm talking about the delay after
the progeress bar has completed and before anything is displayed, during
which time the sword project is "Not Responding")

Can the font size of footnotes be made relative to the font size used for
the text? Actually - these seems to be relative for the (P) footnotes in WEB
(eg Ex 1:16), but not for anything else, including other footnotes in WEB.

Can a different colour please be able to be chosen for dictionary  titles
from verse numbers? I'd like to have to look harder to see the verse
numbers, yet have the dictionary  titles plain to see.

Can strongs numbers lookups be restricted to text coded as strongs numbers?
Footnotes in ASV keep wanting to tell me that 1 is the number used for
alpha, 2 for Aaron, etc. It seems that NT is worse than OT here - in OT,
numbers that are surrounded by parentheses don't result in a pop-up. In NT
they do. Strange.

Can strongs popups and verse popups please be able to be independently
turned on and off?