[sword-devel] win32 beta Q

Adrian Korten sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 14:17:29 +0700

Good day,

It is good to hear that others are able to enter personal comments but I am
not able to get it working on my machine or the Thai office computers. This
is on Win 98 and Win98 Thai with the personal commentary files dated April

And version Q on Win98 Thai goes back to displaying a middle screen that is
initially blank after a Thai search. After clicking in the box, a green bar
only displays in the middle and the text displays in the text properly in
the bottom box. I tried selecting a Thai font for that module at a small
font size instead of the default but it made no difference.

There was a long weekend here for the start of Buddhist lent. We went to the
beach and returned to hear of your plans to wrap this version up. I hope
that you will be able to correct these two problems first or show me how to
adjust the configuration so that it works like with others.


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> Here's tonights beta:
> David's latest print enhancements
> some small asthetic fixes
> utf8 lexicon support
> latest locales from everyone
> probably other small stuff.
> Thanks everyone for submitting locales.  Just a few notes:
> I have not yet had the time to integrate the recommended indonesian book
> abbreviations, though the other indonesian corrections are complete.
> Some of the more radical languages (Thai and Chinese) crash the software
> on my windows 2000 english box.  I'm not planning on including them, as
> they are also not complete.  We can make them available with a readme or
> something, I suppose.  Any recommendations on this one?
> If your locales has not been included in this test, please contact me.
> Either it has gotten lost in my inbox, or there was some other problem
> with it.
> (probably Tuesday, the way things are going) will be really great.
> -Troy.

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