[sword-devel] Project Gutenberg Etexts

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 21:59:35 -0700

Clyde Price,
	Thank you so much for these resources.  I'm hoping to personally work on 
some new modules after this release is out.  It'll be a nice break for 
code for a while.  Looks like you have some good stuff!

	Thanks again!

> FYI, I/my organization have a pretty good collection of Christian etexts
> in format similar to the Project Gutenberg etexts, distributed from
> www.cdlf.org .  I cordially invite you to browse our collection, and
> adapt anything you wish into the Sword-module format.
> ...R.A.Torrey _How To Pray_, John Milton Gregory _Seven Laws of
> Teaching_, Charles Sheldon _In His Steps_, _Hudson Taylor's Spiritual
> Secret_, Miles J. Stanford _The Green Letters_ (aka, Principles of
> Spiritual Growth), F.B.Meyers _Abraham_, _Elijah_,...others...
> Steve Tang wrote:
>>>The problem with Project Gutenberg is that all the books are in plain
>>>ASCII, with NO markup.  So you will need to insert paragraph breaks,
>>>minimally.  You may wish to insert scripture reference tags, if present.
>>>And many pieces of markup like emphasized text have been lost thanks to
>>>Project Gutenberg.