[sword-devel] Version O - Access violations

Adrian Korten sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 20:20:31 +0700

Good day,

Here are a couple more bugs that show up on some computers but not all.
These bring Windows alert boxes describing an  Access violation.

Going to 'Options--Preferences', it is possible to get an "Access violation
at address 00495116 in module Sword.exe. Read at address FFFFFFFF." This
seems to happen only once after a new installation. The program then
proceeds to display to the Preferences form.

On closing Sword, it is possible to regularly get an "Access violation at
address 00535B86 in module Sword.exe. Read at address FFFFFFFF." This
happens when the Search window has been activated and one specific text has
been chosen by double-clicking. The Search window seems to get hidden but
when the program is closed the main window disappears and the Search window
re-appears. The message then reappears multiple times (frequency related to
number of items found in the search but not one to one). If the search
window is re-called and closed (X at top), the Access violations do not

I have had a problem with a few computers with the search window not
displaying. It is when the v1.5.3 program is installed and immediately
updated to v1.5.4O along with the installation of various text modules.
However, I need to do more testing to duplicate these problems consistently.
I think it may be a problem with my Thai UI conf files or Thai book names
conf file.


P.S. Is there a GlobalOptionFilter= for Cross References? I'd like to turn
this on and off (it defaults to on)?

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