[sword-devel] Many bugs :-(

sword-devel@crosswire.org sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 20 Jul 2002 02:06:04 +0600

Sadly not so simple:

1. I already noted in one of my previous letters that there are no good 
specification for Sword modules. These appears to be bugs as different types 
of modules behave differently. But there are no specification which would 
point what is the correct behavior. I asked about it before, but no reply.

2. It is MUCH simpler to fix bug in complex and little commented code to one 
who has written it than for somebody else! (Well, I even do not know the .idx 
file format.) Ugh, I one who has written does not, I will try to understand 
the code. (Now instead I am busy with deals unrelated to Sword).

P.S. I retell about the bug with SWLD where the first key is readied twice by 
for(*mod=TOP; !mod->Error(); (*mod)++). After fixing this bug I can try to 
cause my LD editor to work and while writing it it I will be able to detect 
further bugs and probably formulate proposed exact specification.

> > Because of bugs of SWLD, LD4, and zLD (particularly because of each of
> > these as its own different from other's bugs) it appears to be impossible
> > to create a bugless sword module editor with current libSword.
> Why don't you fix them and send patches, if you already know what the problems 
> are? That's the only way sword development will work.
> Martin
Victor Porton (porton@ex-code.com)