[sword-devel] (Unicode) searching on XP (Win32 Beta 0)

Christian Renz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 15:16:18 +0800

I had a few minutes today to test Sword on one of the XP machines
here. I used the Chinese Bible, but the results should be applicable
for other languages like Thai or Korean. Here's the results:

- Pasting UTF-8 encoded text into the dictionary lookup field and the
  search field (in the search window) works. On Win 98, pasting into a
  non-Unicode application results in question marks (ie, it is posted
  as Latin-1 text, with the nontransliterable characters replaced by

- Searching for UTF-8 encoded text works.

- I could reproduce the bug that prevents proper display of search
  results: With the font size set to 8 points, it works; with the font
  size set to 10 points, it stops working. I noticed the following

  - The display of the bible reference does not seem to follow the
    font size.
  - At 8 points, the display of the bible verse itself has just about
    the same height (or maybe a little higher) than the bible
    reference. Maybe the bug has to do with faulty height calculation
    for the ComboBox. Or maybe not...

- Lookup in the Chinese Dictionary with Chinese Characters works
  somewhat. I think in principle it should work, it is just some
  issues with the module that prevent proper lookup sometimes (see my
  other post).

- Display of the keyword list for the Chinese dictionary still doesn't work.

- Using Sword via a Windows LAN is quite slow. ;-)

I've made some quick screenshots and stored them at
http://www.web42.com/software/sword/xp-bug/ .


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