[sword-devel] a Diatheke question

Adrian Korten sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 13 Jul 2002 10:37:00 +0700

Good day,

Final note for today. The third topic is a problem setting up Diatheke on a
web-server. This is my first time setting up scripts and data files on a
web-server (so I've learned a few things already). I'm trying to move my
experimental Thai version to the web from my Win98 machine.

The Perl scripts were placed in the cgi-bin directory and also the
diatheke.exe because I don't have access to usr/bin. Using the default html
modified for only a few B texts, it seems to now find the d_.exe but it does
not display the requested texts. The 'locales.d', 'mods.d' and 'modules'
directories were placed in different places but it doesn't seem the .exe
knows where they are. The .exe seems to run because it displays the Sword
logo and URL. Where should these directories be placed or how can they be
pointed to correctly? Do you have any instructions for using FTP to transfer
the files? (I found out that the perl scripts needed to be transferred as
Ascii and not as Binary; which was the default for the FTP program.)

'Happily' plugging along in this new domain,


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