[sword-devel] mod2zmod problems

Adrian Korten sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 13 Jul 2002 10:18:18 +0700

Good day,

When trying to convert the Thai text to a zipped format, there was a problem
with the default LZSS format. It produced a set of files but it did not
display properly (an empty display or a few strange characters). Second
attempt using the Zip format with the command line option, it is possible to
create a valid set of files. The text then displays properly. Then trying to
create a LZSS format with flags set for both book and LZSS, the same
incorrect results as earlier were achieved.

Do I understand correctly that to create a encrypted module, you start with
the plain text module? And that the encryption key is stored in a plain text
file which anyone could view? This seems only a little more secure than the
zipped modules given that there are so many open-source tools to read the

Someone mentioned the New English Translation (NET) version as an 'open'
text. Has it been converted to GBF format (I didn't see it)? I use it
sporadically (the downloaded HTML version but wish it had a search
capability) and like the frequent foot-notes explaining the actual text.
Although this might not display so well imbedded into the scripture text as
the Sword interface displays it.


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