[sword-devel] Beta M - Bugs

Richard Guay sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 15:56:57 +0700


Here are some bugs I have found.  My system is the Thai Windows 98.

1)  Anytime my cursor is over the dictionary pane, it displays the last looked up 
crossreference from the commentary pane.  I never get a lookup for anything in the 
dictionaries (references in the floating box).

2)  John 3:36 shows the beginning of John 4 in the MHC module.  The beginning of each 
chapter will not show up on the zero verse divisions (ex:  John 4:0 shows nothing, while the 
John 3:36 shows the chapter four beginning that used to show up on John 4:0).  I have 
downloaded the latest version of MHC module.

3)  Still have problems with clipping the bottom of most of the dialoges.

4)  I am still getting some read access violations when looking up the reference in the MHC 
module on Job 3:25.  The lookup for the "(ch. i.5)" near the bottom almost always receates 
this read access violation.  By the lookup, I am refering to the popup when the cursor is 
over the reference.

I still have not heard anything on my last couple of questions.  I hope this feedback is of 
some help.

Richard Guay