[sword-devel] Win32 Beta M

Christian Renz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 9 Jul 2002 12:51:16 +0800

Great work. I don't have to go and do my bug reports alrady :-).

>	Options to change more color settings

I couldn't find those...?

>	Search List fixed and tested on 2k and 98

Wonderful. It works much better now. Unfortunately, there are still a
few problems... Please see the attached screenshots (btw, what's the
list policy about files? attach them or better post links to a

1. Upon opening a new search window, the column headings for the
   preview ("Bibelstelle" and "Vorschau", or "Reference" and "Preview"
   in the english locale) are too big. I don't know how you come up
   with the font that you select here; looks like 16pt to me or so.

2. After doing a search, the font of the column headings will be even
   bigger (see 2nd screenshot). Also, the height of the reference
   entries and the one of the preview are different, see the jump in
   the green highlighting.

3. Looking at the results, you see that the bible text is shown
   correctly, e.g. first result: The word "hörte" correctly contains a
   umlaut o. But the book name is *not* showing correctly; it should
   be "Matthäus". Why?

   The answer is simple, the solution is not: The German language file
   is iso8859-1 encoded, whereas the search form tries to print the
   string interpreted as UTF-8. The easiest thing probably would be to
   print the book names "as is" and print the bible text as UTF-8. A
   conversion to UTF-8 is potentially difficult, because for other
   languages, the source charset will not be iso8859-1 (e.g. the
   Chinese locale or possible Russian/Greek translations).

   However, I don't know how easy that is in terms of coding. The
   really easiest thing would be to live with it and only fix it once
   everybody uses a Unicode-aware system ;-). And that might be the
   best option, because the problem is not so crucial. The preview
   window shows everything correctly anyway.

4. Just another nit to pick: The tooltips are not shown correctly. ;-)
   Actually, I'd vote for not displaying the tooltips over the bible
   text anyway, they are only marginally useful. The font is the same
   as for the column heading, so that they only display about one word
   more than what I can already see in the list.

You'd never have thought that your life would be so complicated when
you embarked on this i18n thingie, did you? ;-)

Thanks for your efforts.


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