[sword-devel] NIV electronic licencing

Jeremy Cowgar sword-devel@crosswire.org
08 Jul 2002 16:12:32 -0400

On Sun, 2002-07-07 at 08:06, Andrew Craig wrote:
> I have a legal copy of Zondervan's Study Bible but I would like to read the NIV in Sword. How do I unlock the module?
> There shouldn't be any copyright issues since the electronic license for the NIV included with the Zondervan software should allow me to copy/use the data in another form as long as only I use the converted data and do not pass it on, sell it etc.
> Andrew.

I would assume that their still is a copyright problem. I own the NIV
electronic edition for my Palm, PocketPC, and Logos systems, all of
which I had to pay for. I also own about 250 other electronic texts in
the Logos system but it is illegal for me to export and use that text
elsewhere. Zondervan licensed the text to be use in Logos, or
Zondervan's Study Bible, not Sword. Real bummer the way it works.