[sword-devel] win32 beta L

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 5 Jul 2002 23:02:55 +1200

> 	Sorry for the short cycle on the last release.  Fixed the
> font selection
> box problem.  Sorry about that.  It was a neglect on my part to change
> something before compiling.

Cheers. Feature request: can the currently selected module be selected in
the font selection box?
I like how this will search transliterated text too.

> 	The transliteration stuff should be back in this version
> (as well as the
> last).

Yup, Ta.
Bug: BGreek transliteration of IGNT shows rtf when footnotes are turned on.

> 	I added initial support for Unicode search lists.  We're
> painting this
> control ourselves now, so let me know if it looks cheezy.  I need to
> still figure out how to turn the popup hints off, as they are not
> rendered correctly for unicode texts, are really aren't that useful on
> the list control.

My list of results is not being shown. (except for a greenish bar across the
top of whichever white area I select)

>      2) further printing enhancements   - DTROTZJR
... such as defaulting to current selected text, currently selected font,
using cm instead of inches when appropriate, refreshing list of fonts when
loaded to include newly added ones. Displaying right to left texts right to

>      6) change more of our #verselist| logic to real tags (GBF or ThML)
> Specifically, TSK and Naves?    -OSK?

Feature Request: And ISV?

>      10) more bug fixes
Bug: JFB of Romans 1:2 gives addres violation when pointing at the word
Bug: Verse Reference Popup in dictionary window shows last shown verse popup
from commentary window
Bug: Install Manager crashes instead of installing ISBE (all other modules
appear fine.)
Feature Request: Can the current cursor position not follow the mouse?

Please forgive me if a lot of these have already been pointed out... I was
without my primary PC for over three weeks, and decided to skip rather than
read 300 odd emails to this group.