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Clyde PRICE sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 03 Jul 2002 14:41:50 -0400

Sorry for the long delay in replying... and also for the redundancy if
the question has already been answered...

The circumflexed letters employed in the Esperanto alphabet are not
available in Latin-1, but only in either Latin-3 (spottily supported if
at all), or Unicode. The Internet-using Esperanto community uses too
many different 7-bit accomodations, but using the non-Esperanto-letter
"x" to follow a letter which should be circumflexed is one of the most
popular, if not the most popular (particularly with machine-sorting, the
x-convention comes pretty close to getting stuff in the right order).

Since there exists so little support for Latin-3 (f'rinstance, on the
machine I'm using), a "correct-looking" Esperanto module should perhaps
go onto the stack of Unicode projects. (The older Esperanto Bible
translation is available freely online in Unicode format _somewhere_ on
the Internet, though I don't have the url handy.)

Dio ege benu vin! (God bless you richly!)


Martin Gruner wrote:
> A user reported the following:
> > Just wondering why the Esperanto screenshot uses cx, gx, etc.
> > instead of the correct circonflex-accented characters from
> > Latin-3. The x-form is a hack for dealing with ASCII-only
> > channels.
> Could somebody investigate and correct this please?
> Martin

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