[sword-devel] Trying to Compile Diatheke on RH 6.2... again.

Timothy R. Butler sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 26 Jan 2002 17:51:04 -0600

Hi everyone,
   Well, after giving up several months ago, I decided to try building 
Diatheke and Sword as a *user* in RedHat 6.2. After spending a half hour or 
so deleting different object files in the src directory, I finally got a 
finished sword.a installed in ~/sword/lib (at least I think it's finished). 
Anyway, so I finished that, but now I'm back to having problems compiling 
  When I go into diatheke's directory, and type make, it chugs along for a 
few moments, and then says:

gcc   -L../../../lib/  -o diatheke  diatheke.o corediatheke.o -lsword 
-lstdc++ -lz
corediatheke.o: In function `doquery(int, char, char, char, char const *, 
char const *, char const *)':
corediatheke.o(.text+0x2303): undefined reference to 
corediatheke.o(.text+0x29b7): undefined reference to 

  Any ideas what I need to do?
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