[sword-devel] Re:help with step2vpl

Trandahl, Steve sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 08:04:35 -0500

Seeing your email triggered a memory from a while back.  Here's what Paul
Gear sent me when I briefly worked on the STEP portion over a year ago...
QuickVerse 4.x and earlier were not STEP-based. Try QV 5.0 or later. 
See <http://craigr.com/backup/faq.htm> for the gory details. If you
poke around or search Craig's site, you'll find quite a bit of
information on QuickVerse and STEP.
Parsons have a free STEP NKJV on their FTP server:
<ftp://download.parsonstech.com/demos/qnkjo.exe>. Gotta use Windows to
install it, though. :-(
Craig has also offered to me in the past to explain the 4.x and earlier
data format if anyone is interested in writing a driver for it. I would
certainly be interested in this, as it would let me use the NIV with
BibleTime! I understand that the format is a very simple binary
encoding where every word was given a 16-bit code.
Steve Trandahl

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Thanks for your email Troy. 

This is how I executed step2vpl (as root) 
step2vpl /home/oozle-r/bibles/nasb/ /home/oozle-r/anton/ 
a message came up something like 
error couldn't open file Book.dat 

I checked step2vpl.cpp and at approx line 130 was the following 
fileName = bookpath + "Book.dat"; 
however the Quickverse file I think it was looking for was called 
So I changed the name in step2vpl to books.dat, did a "make", copied to
/usr/bin and then ran step2vpl as per above.  Then I got a message Aborted
(core dump) 

Core dump file as attached (it isn't that big 6k) 

thanks in anticipation of your help. 
yours in Christ