[sword-devel] NET Bible: why don't we have it?

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:05:20 -0800

> I don't believe that the net bible is gnu, or public domain.  
> I believe there is a copywrite on it.

Yup.  NET is not PD.  It's not available for non-commercial
distribution.  As far as licensing goes, it's at least as restrictive as
any other text I know of.  There are I believe only two software
packages being allowed to license the text (Logos & OliveTree) and
you're not allowed to copy the text from their webpage to post on your
own webpage.

> 	I recieved a e-mail message from someone asking about 
> why we don't have the 
> NET Bible as a module. It is distributed for free from 
> www.netbible.org in 
> html format. Is it just the fact that it would take too much time to
> the text from HTML? The guy that contacted me is willing to help out
in the 
> efforts of preparing the NET Bible HTML for a SWORD module.

So, like I said, the NET is not very (libre) free and is not easily
downloaded from netbible.org.  That said, I have the text in a pair of
modules (a Bible for the text & a commentary for the notes) but don't
expect it to be posted publicly soon, if ever.