[sword-devel] <compressed> Sword Modules -> RISC OS

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 16:21:31 -0000

I don't know how good it is but the RISCOS gcc is here 
http://hard-mofo.dsvr.net/gcc/. It and zlib (www.zlib.org) are all you will need to compile 

I'm cc'ing a friend that I think still has a RISCOS machine to see if he has used it at all 
or can help or has any other ideas. Steve?

If it would help and I get time I might try out the gccsdk that looks as though it would 
work for cross-compiling on linux.

It would be great to get sword working on another OS :) (ok, so it would still need 
someone to write a RISCOS frontend but it would be a good start).


On 18 Jan 2002 at 12:44, W. Simpson sent forth the message:

> Hi,
> This may not be the right place to post this as, strictly speaking, this
> e-mail isn't about The Sword. However, I think this is in keeping with the
> 'ethos' of the Sword Project, so bear with me :-)
> I should like RISC OS users to be able to make use of the Bible texts freely
> available for download at
> http://www.crosswire.org/sword/modules/ModDisp.jsp?modType=Bibles. It is by
> far the largest selection of translations in one place that I have seen
> anywhere!
> One suggestion I have heard from a Sword developer is to port The Sword to
> RISC OS. I'm unable to do that (perhaps there are other RISC OS programmers
> who might be able to, but are all too busy) .
> I do have a RISC OS conversion tool which can put the verse numbers back
> into the text (making it readable again), so it can be read in a text editor
> or using a RISC OS Bible program, but some of the modules appear to deviate
> from the architecture of, say, the KJV module. The RSV is one that comes to
> mind - it isn't "locked", but it appears encrypted, and its contents appear
> in the ZTEXT folder as opposed to the RAWTEXT folder. I presume it is
> compressed.
> It's modules like this one that cause problems. Could someone enlighten me
> on how to decompress them (simpson.general@ntlworld.com), or is it vastly
> difficult?
> I suppose, in the end, you could say "tough, just use the Sword", and that's
> fair enough, but I'm just asking the question all the same ;-)    -  I don't
> want to distract anyone, but if someone has a few ideas they think might
> help, I'd be interested to hear them.
> Many Thanks,
> W.Simpson

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