[sword-devel] New modules

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 15 Jan 2002 18:45:37 -0800

Four new modules have been released publicly:

ACV (A Conservative Version)
ItaDio (Italian Diodati)
ItaRive (Italian Riveduta)
ChiGUs (Chinese Glory Union (Simplified))

Plus an updated version of:

RusMakarij (The Pentateuch of Moses in Russian)

Additionally, 5 Russian, 2 Ukrainian, and one Coptic translation have
been posted in the Beta area, pending approval for release by the author
of the program from which they were taken (and copyright holders, when

RusLoot (Russian Gospels)
RusSon (Russian Pentateuch)
RusGN (Russian NT)
RusWOL (Russian NT)
RusNWT (Russian NWT NT)

UkrUBS (Ukrainian NT)
UkrKulish (Ukrainian NT)

CopSahHorner (Horner's Sahidic Coptic NT)

The Coptic really needs a new font.  It will work reasonably well with a
full Unicode font like Arial Unicode MS or Code2000, but the glyphs are
rendered in Greek style, not Coptic. :(

Interesting bit of trivia... Sword modules now outnumber sword-devel