[sword-devel] New Diaspora & new BibleCS

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 11:25:36 -0800

New build of Diaspora at 
ra.zip .  

This is functionally identical to the version I posted yesterday, but I
have renamed the file icudt20.dll to swicu20.dll and re-linked the exe
accordingly.  The reason for the renaming is to avoid clashing with the
standard ICU data file name, since ours has significantly different

There's a new build of BibleCS at
rd.zip .  This absolutely requires that you also have the file
swicu20.dll.  If you don't get Diaspora from the above link, the
swicu20.dll file is available separately at
cu20.zip .  Just unzip it to the Sword directory.

Improvements include all the minor tweaks to Sword of the last couple
months, zLD support (though it is untested), and significant changes to
the transliterator system.  It will now transliterate into Latin or the
Latin-1 subset of Latin from any script used by any current Sword
module.  It will also transliterate into Beta and BGreek.  It will no
longer transliterate into all those other scripts, because they were
causing bugs to appear.