[sword-devel] creating modules

Kees Bergwerf sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 09:12:03 +0100

Hello All,

When installing linux from scratch, I formatted my HD and forgot to backup 
the scripts I made to create new modules.  I also forgot to backup my 
modules, so I have to create them again. But I don't know how :-(
I have 2 Dutch translations on the DOS olb cd. I have exported them to text 
files. but now what to do?
I have tried addvs but that does not work. What kind of input does this util 
I have also tried vpl2mod but that does not work either. What kind of input 
does vpl2mod expect?

I have text files with this format:
genesis 1:1 txt...
genesis 1:2 txt ...
revelation 22:21 txt..

Wo gives me a hint?
The translations are the Dutch 'leidse vertaling' from 1912. I think there 
are no copyrights on it anymore, but the 'stichting Importantia' who has 
(had?) the copyright is not very cooperative.
The other translations are the Dutch 'lutherse vertaling' (1933) and the 
German 'unrevidierte elberfelder' from 1905. I don't know about the 
copyrights. ' it's mine! it's mine!' they all say. I will not write with 
Importantia anymore. I will use the translations for myself and whoever is 
interested in it, can have a copy. It was also free available on the online 
bible cd.