[sword-devel] general book display level

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 07:17:08 -0800 (PST)

Something that Troy & I discussed after he finished GBS, but that we never 
agreed on a solution to, is how general books should be displayed.

For some books, it should be obvious.  If the lowest level of division is 
something large, like a chapter, then the lowest level is what should be 

For other books, it may not be desirable to display at the finest 
granularity.  Take, for example, versified material like pseudepigrapha or 
the Book of Mormon.  We will want to key entries to the finest granularity 
(book chapter:verse) but we would probably want to display text at one 
level above that (book chapter).  This is the same as we currently have 
for Bibles in most frontends.

The problem is complicated by books such as Josephus' works, where the 
lowest level varies from 2 to 4 levels into the hierarchy.  (e.g. 
Josephus' Discourse on Hades has only 2 levels, but his Antiquities has 
4 -- this is similar to the Bible, which has 3 levels except for books
like Philemon, which only have 2 levels).

If anyone has a good suggestion for how we should handle this, please 
speak up.

The only idea I've had is to add an entry to the module's config 
indicating that it should be displayed at the nth level, counting from the 
lowest.  So a sample config entry of:
would indicate you want to display whole chapters at a time in a book 
organized like the Bible.


Other news, I believe I have two general books compiled now.  The first 
book is the Enuma Elish (because I felt it an appropriately symbolic first 
book--after all, you should begin at the beginning).  The second is the 
complete works of Josephus (because... well, because this is what everyone 
actually wanted).  I will try to get them packaged up for testing and post 
them or give them to Troy to post later today.