[sword-devel] Field additions to module .conf files

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 13:31:17 +0500

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Hey Chris,

	I would like to propose  the addition of a number of fields in the .conf 
files of the text modules. There are two reason that I would like to include 
these fields. The first is so that people will have the information on 
copyright holders and who they need to contact with each of the modules (ie 
when we send out the CD with locked and unlocked modules.) The second reason 
is so I can use SWMgr to have a dynamic copyright website that has up to the 
minute information for each of the modules. I could use a database to store 
all the copyright information however that would create redundant information 
since some of the same information will be and already is in the .conf files. 
Here are the fields I would like to add and a short description of what they 

*CopyrightHolder=what company, organization or person owns the copyright to 		
the module.
*ContactName=who to contact for permissions, for companies or organizations 
there is sometimes someone specific in the organization to contact. This 
field will not always have a value.
*ContactAddress=address used to contact
*ContactE-mail=e-mail address used to contact
*ContactPhone=phone number used to contact
*CopyrightNotes=field for misc. information about the who to contact and the 
copyright itself.
*DistributeLicense=what the current license for distribution is: locked, 
public domain, personal use only, other restrictions
*DistributeDescription=terms of distribution (ie free for personal use, in 
the public domain: freely distribute)
*DistributeSource=where to find the module, this might be needed if some 
copyright holders opt to host the module and unlocking mechanism on their own 
*DistributeNotes=field for misc. information on distribution.

	These fields should be added to all module .conf files not just those of 
locked modules. That way this information, specifically the distribution 
information will be clearly spelled out for all modules and there will not be 
any point of confussion. 

	We will need to setup an appropriate way (web interface, vi, emacs, etc) to 
update the .conf files when we have new information, whether it will be to 
add information to a module or update existing information.

Chris, others, what are your thoughts, areas that I need to clarify?!

In Christ,
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