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Stacy Lacy sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 07:41:22 -0600

I would be interested in helping with java versions of Sword as well.  I had
hoped to use Sword for a web based project I am working on now for my
masters degree, but the java stuff available doesn't provide enough
functionality yet.  I would be glad to dig in and help although I might not
be able to provide much focus on it until August/September.

What a blessing it would be to extend Sword to to the online world in
addition to those with PCs/PDAs.  With the advancing of internet appliances
into many homes, airports, hotels, malls, libraries, etc, wouldn't be
awesome to provide Sword's features to  anyone without restricting it to
having a machine to install it on.

Stacy Lacy

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Troy A. Griffitts posted:

> > Troy,
> >
> > Sounds like you're very busy.  I'm just writing to see if you've
> > received any of my previous mail and to determine Crosswire's
> > level of interest in a Java port.  I am about to sign a new
> > contract.  I would like to allocate time for this volunteer work
> > as well.  If you're interested, but need time, just let me know.
> > I'll proceed assuming we can come to a working agreement.

I'm also interested in helping out with the java port.  Could someone
point me to what has already been done?  Those of us interested in
helping with jsword might usefully get a discussion going which could
lead to coordinated effort.

Getting ahead of myself a little, one idea I've just had for the
interface is to allow lookup in online versions.  My view of the web
is a little like an extension of my personal file space :), and I want
to be able to access it as easily as I do the sword modules on my hard
disk, and even not need to be aware of which versions I have locally
and which are remote.  This would also bypass the copyright issue for
those versions everyone wants but can't get.  Ideally, it ought to be
possible to use it without even installing any modules locally.  As a
precedent of how convenient this can be, I'd mention the dict client.

I would also like to see links for each verse to CCEL's world wide
study bible sermons etc.  For anyone with an always-on connection(
which is increasingly a large portion of people ) these would, I
think, be interesting features.

God bless,
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