[sword-devel] Re:help with step2vpl

Anthony & Kylie Kerr sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 05:39:12 +1100

Daniel Glassey wrote:
> Hi,
I've tried step2vpl on the free wordsearch lessonmaker step files and it
gives lots of lines the same. stepdump works ok. Could you try that and
let me know if it works. It is suspicious though that the file has a
different name. Also, there is a perl STEP reader here
http://home1.gte.net/~kbrannen/other.htm that would be worth trying as
well until sword can cope with the files.
> hth,
> Daniel


Thanks for your email, I was trying to convert my Quickverse 4 modules
to sword so that I could get access to the NIV.  Someone else on the
mailing list kindly informed me that Quickverse 4 wasn't 100% STEP
compatible and so I gave up.

But it looks like our church is going to move to the new ESV translation
and so I would like to make a module out of the ESV (the software that
comes with the Bible is Wordsearch and the bible modules don't seem to
be in STEP format either.  So I have exported the text as Rich Text
Format and am now trying to work out how to convert the RTF to a sword

I can't find prn2sword in the utilities directory?  Any help would be

yours in Christ

> On 24 Jan 2002 at 5:12, Anthony & Kylie Kerr sent forth the message:
> > Thanks for your email Troy.
> >
> > This is how I executed step2vpl (as root)
> > step2vpl /home/oozle-r/bibles/nasb/ /home/oozle-r/anton/
> > a message came up something like
> > error couldn't open file Book.dat
> >
> > I checked step2vpl.cpp and at approx line 130 was the following
> > fileName = bookpath + "Book.dat";
> > however the Quickverse file I think it was looking for was called
> > books.dat
> > So I changed the name in step2vpl to books.dat, did a "make", copied to /usr/bin
> > and then ran step2vpl as per above.  Then I got a message Aborted (core dump)
> >
> > Core dump file as attached (it isn't that big 6k)
> >
> > thanks in anticipation of your help.
> > yours in Christ
> > Anthony
> >
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