[sword-devel] NEW SERVER / DOWN TIME

Bobby Nations sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 06 Feb 2002 10:55:00 -0600


Is the news server down as well?  I've been unable to connect to it for about the
last week or so roughly.


"Troy A. Griffitts" wrote:

> Last week CrossWire's servers were hacked.
> God's gracious, as always, and I think I caught the hacker just hours
> after he broke in.  He was logging userid's and passwd's so if you use
> the same id / passwd on crosswire as you do anywhere else, I would
> suggest changing your passwds.  The log file only contained a few users,
> and I have informed all of them, but just to be safe, I would consider
> changing passwd's even if I didn't contact you.
> As I said, God is gracious and uses all things for His Glory.  We now
> have a BEEFY box to serve:
> AMD XP 1800+
> 1 gig of memory
> 120 gigs of storage
> 80 gig backup
> :)
> I've been spending much of my time over the past few days configuring
> the new server.  I think I have most everything back online, but please
> let me know if you find things that aren't there.
>         If you previously had a user account on crosswire and would still like
> to receive mail sent to you at crosswire, please send me a private email
> with a forwarding address and I'll set up the alias.  I'm being a little
> cautious for a bit, so please excuse me not dumping all the old accounts
> back on the new server.
> Mailing lists should be back up.  Please resend anything that was sent
> in the past 3 days.
> CVS should be back online shortly.
>         Thanks for your patience over these past few days,
>         By God's Grace,
>                 -Troy.