[sword-devel] Re: tagging

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 15:18:48 -0700

> As I am understanding your directions, I am simply to put the yellow 
> brackets around the word or words used to translate the Greek term.


> The root definition and morphological code is already supplied for each 
> Greek word.


> I have not yet found how to do this yellow bracketing, but 
> I'm sure I will as I play with it with your instructions.

Please feel free to ask questions if you need help.

> What will I do when the translated word is supplied for
 > clarity (usually in italics) but there is not an actual
 > Greek word associated it

This is addressed in the Help|Guidelines section on the main menu.  In 
short, you will see a {FI}add words{Fi} looking construct in the 
English.  These {FI} marks mean "Format Italics" and indicate where 
should should not tag, for the reason you expressed above.

 > or when I am translating an idiom such as "God forbid"
 > from MH GINOITW?

We will be programmatically combining Greek tags that have been left 
empty, by certain rules.  For example.  We're not tagging simple 
definite articles. e.g.  hO LOGOS  ==> hO tag would be left empty, and 
LOGOS tag would surround "the Word".  We'll then combine the definite 
article tags that have been left empty with their nouns immediately 
following (or separated by a postpositive) as long as the declensions 
are the same.

All this to say, I would leave MH empty and tag "God forbid" with 
GINOITW.  Then we can come up with a programmatic rule to find all empty 
MH tags and combine them with a following GINOITW tag, it it exists.

These are great questions.  We have a project mailing list that would 
really benefit from these types of discussions.  If fact, I'll forward 
this message to the list.  If you're interested, please feel free to 
join sword-devel by sending an email to:


with the body of the message containing:

subscribe sword-devel

We've love to have you.

Thank you, again.


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