[sword-devel] Maps, etc

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Tue, 10 Dec 2002 22:03:31 -0500

On Tuesday 10 December 2002 03:37 pm, Chris Little wrote:
> Two brief points:
> 1) Images are handled currently in Sword (the library) but are not dealt
> with in any of the front ends.  Consult the mailing list logs for details.
> It's clean, modular, and uses directories relative to the module path
> along with ThML image tags.  (Currently I think ThML is the only markup we
> support that could handle images.)

Can I annotate these and perhaps make image maps out of them? For example 
click on Jerusalem on a 1st century Judea map and several can happen 
depending on how the module and/or front end is setup. A map of Jerusalem 
proper appears, or a link to a culture and customs book appears keyed to 
Jerusalem, or info about arechalogical dig, or a 3d projection of the terrain 
(more useful than you might think), or any other sort of annotation or 
commentary I want shows up.

> There once were some maps for a module, but I think they've disappeared.
> I'll make fixing the Catholic Encyclopedia module and incorporating images
> a priority so we have something to test (as soon as I finish my semester).

Yay, and I'm learning C++ next semester so maybe I can even help. :D

> 2) We don't want bloated GIS libraries or anything like that.  Small is
> good.  We want to remain portable, remember.  But that said, it would be
> nice to add some coordinate capabilties that deal with various
> projections so that we can do overlays, if possible.

Definitely. I mean how cool would it be to be able to tell the front end to 
overlay a modern map overtop of an ancient map so that you can see where 
things are relative and stuff. Then you can turn off those sometimes annoying 
"Present day boundries" lines in maps.

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