[sword-devel] Beginning help question - Calvin's Commentaries

Dave Hall sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 6 Dec 2002 13:37:46 -0600


I could possibly generate an import file from the source instead of rawcom.

Is the structure of the import file defined somewhere?
is clear but Calvin does a harmony of the Gospels and the Law so I would
like to link 2 or more gospel(or law) passages to the same text.

Would something like these work:
	$$$MATTHEW 1:1-17
	$$$LUKE 3:23-38
	$$$MATTHEW 1:1-17; LUKE 3:23-38

Chris, I could upload the zcom (20MB) or rawcom files somewhere. Or, if I
get the import file correct, I could up load that but its 60MB.

- Dave

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	Yeah, I also had troubles with sf today.  I think they're just
server problems (or else they changed their wiki url structure).

	It could just be that mod2imp doesn't yet correctly handle exporting
linked verses.  That's a very probable conclusion, so I wouldn't worry 
about it, if I were you.  Now _I_ have to worry about it. :)

	Thanks for taking all this time to work on such a large piece of
  I'm sure Chris can let you know where he'd like the module (emailed, 
or a link to it posted somewhere).  He can place it in the beta site for