[sword-devel] clean bible or bad phantasy?

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 08:14:50 +0100

Why are you talking so much here not really knowing the Sword project at all? 
Just turn off the vowels in the option filter of your Sword based bible 
software and voilá: there is your unvoweled text. Same thing with greek 

It is a pity that all the time people who never contributed a single thing to 
the Sword project want to be the ones who make the decisions.


> If that is the attitude that is being adopted by this group, then i
> wholeheartedly disagree with it. I find it absurd that the group would
> fail to endorse the original unvoweled text, especially considering that
> that is how Jewish people actually read nearly all of their text today!,
> nevermind the fact that God Himself allowed the authors of the text,
> ---- wait, scratch that, this does not have to include God ---, but the
> BIBLE AUTHORS THEMSELVES actually wrote the text that way.
> If the project chooses to go the route of neglected something THAT
> fundamental, and calling it a majoring in the minors, then i think the
> project has a fundamental flaw in its goals and assumptions and this
> will likely lead to further censorings and omissions on the grounds that
> "we don't like it" or "we don't think it is necessary".
> This is fustrating because this project is, right now, the de facto
> Bible software project, which is too bad, because projects where leaders
> limit the features even when they are readily available never reach
> their full potential.
> I hope you will reconsider this position.