[sword-devel] Beta Z bugs

Richard Guay sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 16:16:17 +0700


*The commentary bug is still there.  If you go to the last verse of a chapter in the Bible and 
the MHC is being shown, you see the prelude to the next chapter's commentary (what used 
to show for the zero verse in the chapter).  Going to the zero verse in a chapter shows 

*Also, I can not access the last day of the month for the daily devotional (I am using 
Spurgeon's Morning and Evening).

* The list of words in the dictionary section still does not have the color coding for the rest 
of the screen.  For example, my background is blue everywhere except for that listbox.

*The dictionaries always show the word I am looking for instead of the word for the entry. 
 If the word does not exist in the dictionary, it should not be displaying anything.  This 
goes for the popups also.

*Search does not work correctly.  If I setup a regular expression that matches nothing in 
the bible, the results window shows every single verse in the Bible!  Major problem here.  
It takes 15 minutes on my system to format the search results for that large of a hit (133 
MHz pentium with 32 Megs of memory).  Also, the search should have a way to search for 
a word and not always the pieces of a word (ex:  if I search for "test", I get everywhere 
"testimony" or "contest" is also).

*The verse list popup does not set the background for the top panel!

*It would be nice to be able to make a verse list from a search result and then make that 
verse list into a bookmark category.  The verse list should allow for adding and removing 
verses from the list.  If done right, it would allow the user to create verse lists from multiple 
search results and allow for condinceing to what is wanted.  Great study tool and outline 

*A way to export a verse list (and/or bookmark category) to a text file with references 
displayed!  That would help my sermon preperation time a whole lot!

I did finally get the search window to acces Thai characters again.  Thanks for the great 
work.  I wish I had time to help in the programing!

Yours for Thailand,
Richard Guay