[sword-devel] beta Z bugs

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 25 Aug 2002 18:30:35 +1200

> Added new 'on word' glossary/general dictionary popup support (off by
> default)

As Christian pointed out with Ya, pop up word lookup, like dictionary
lookup, needs to show the title for the found word, not for what is looked
up, and possibly not showing anything if the word isn't found. For example,
chosing WebsterDict glossary, then hovering over most words in BHS shows the
dictionary definition of OSTRUATION

The first word of each verse, and any word next to punctuation results in
the wrong word being shown.

The "Show Glossaries as Dictionaries" check box is still being set
irrespective of what the setting is in the options.conf file. (I still don't
know what that option is supposed to do either, but I haven't taken a look
at the latest help file.)

Pop ups size is overridden by specially chosen font size too - not sure if
this is good or bad. Perhaps the percentage difference between normal bible
text font size and pop up font size could be applied to the specially chosen
font size to use for font size in popups. What I mean here, is with ...

PopupFontName=Lucida Sans Unicode
TextFontName=Lucida Sans Unicode



then when BHS is the text shown, popups use Cardo size 40. I'm suggesting to
instead use 10 * 40/24 = 16.67 This way My indication that I want text in
the bible window one size, and in the pop up windows a smaller size are

BTW I agree with Don's post about cardo70 font for Hebrew, it does seem to
place marks in the right places, but I don't know Hebrew, so I can't spot
any problems.

> Split popup hints into categories.

Could the original functionality of pop-ups showing module description be
added as an option too? (This never appears with showing word definitions
turned on.) I'd also like to see the description when hovering over a tab,
instead of "biblical texts" / "commentaries"