[sword-devel] Hebrew???

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 11:16:27 -0700

	My apologies for not answering soon.  The problem is that there is no 
good answer.  We don't support alternate book ordering, as of right now. 
  And currently the locale files are not in UTF8.  This means that 
whatever you can get to work on your operating system is what you should 
use.  There is a basic howto for the locales.d file.  The uilocales.d 
file is pretty much free to any translation/encoding that works on windows.

locales.d howto:

Hope this helps.  We're hoping to support full utf8 locales and 
alternate book sequences and versification sometime.


Avihai.H wrote:
> Shalom :o)
>   I have asked before this question but no one answered so, here it is 
> again ...
>      In the folders: locales.d & uilocales.d there are files that I need 
> to translate into Hebrew, right?
>      But, the books order in Hebrew is different from the English 
> versions or any other language, for that matter.
>      What should I do???
>      In Hebrew there are only a few abbreviation, what should I do with 
> this issue??? Can I use inverted, commas???
>      I am stuck with the translation because of this issues, could 
> someone please answer me :o)
>                                            God's grace, peace and love 
> be with you all,
> Avihai.H