[sword-devel] Win32 beta X

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 23:47:26 +1200

> Tried to fix all your reported bugs.  Let me know either way.
> Stephen, thanks for the dual-head info.  Added code, but can't test
> here.  Let me know if it does anything.

Thanks - Improved multi-head operation, but now it often choses the other
monitor as the one to show the pop up on. Are you using the routine to chose
the nearest monitor for the rectangle where you'd put the pop up if the
monitor had no bounds? That's my guess. How about chosing the nearest
monitor for mouse position (i.e. same rectangle, size 0), then moving the
window so it is within the bounds of that monitor? Anyhow - it's no longer
ever split in two. Thanks again.

Dictionary index font size fixed. Wonderful, thank you.

Saving search window size when maximised: fixed.

Newly found bug: if you edit the userprefs.conf file and delete everything
in it, sword crashes on startup.

Why has WebstersDict.conf got Font=Code2000?

Newly found bug: pointing at the very right of a verse reference gives a
strongs pop-up instead of a verse pop-up.