[sword-devel] BoM Bug in module/Beta T

Daniel Adams sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 7 Aug 2002 23:01:59 -0700

I was looking around after reinstalling my system, to see if there were
any modules that I didn't have since most of the ones I have came from
ftp.crosswire.org rather than ftp.sword.cx. When I was doing this, using
the Install Manager program, I ran across the Book of Mormon, Generic
book module (BoM). I was enticed to download it, and also EEnochCharles
(1 Enoch) to my sword library on my own computer. When I launched Sword
(Beta T) with the module installed, it opened normally, but then when I
tried to view the book, it crashed the program showing me no contents to
the book at all. When I then went back to the release version that I
also have installed on my computer, and launched it with the Book of
Mormon module installed, the sword program would not even start. I see
this as an improvement from what is released, but at the same time it
seems to need some work. Part of the error might be in the module,
because the EEnochCharles module that I also tried worked good in both

	I know the Book of Mormon is an evil book to begin with (I do
have a copy for reference) but I didn't think the sword project had the
guts to say it is evil and should banish its own program from running.
Sorry for the humor, but I kind of chuckled when I realized what the
module contained that was doing this error.
	In sincerity, I do hope this can be fixed soon, because this is
a module that I would like to have access to.

Daniel Adams