[sword-devel] win32 beta U, help file, and new win32 module utils

Christian Renz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 21:42:20 +0800

>Thanks for the info, but I guess I wasn't clear with what I meant.  I meant I
>get the gobbledy-gook when I click on the link to download the file, not after
>I have downloaded it and tried to launch it from within Sword.

Did you try clicking on the link with the right mouse button and
selecting "Save As" in the popup menu?

For the windows help files, you do not need to start IE or have it
selected as browser. It's just that certain files that are needed for
the Windows Help system are only installed when you have an
IE. Windows will take care of loading the right libraries when opening
the helpfile; no need to give up Netscape :-))


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