[sword-devel] GTK+ for Windows

Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 5 Aug 2002 17:22:16 +0100

Hi there .........

On 5 Aug 2002 at 9:50, Jeremy Bettis wrote:
> Adding -loldnames would be the normal way to get the io functions (like
> open) without the underscores (_open)

Sorry - I'd written from memory without checking on the actual function 
names. The functions needed by the Sword library are:
opendir(), rewinddir(), readdir(), and closedir().  AFAIK, they have 
sometimes been implemented as macros for compatibility with Linux coding, 
but are contained in the old library referred to.  I haven't seen them 
implemented anywhere else in the Gnu C libraries.  I was thinking about the 
more normal call open() - which I know is available.  If there's a better 
way of linking the required functions in, I'll go for it!  Thanks for your 

God bless,

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