[sword-devel] Module changes

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 20:13:24 -0700

I'm uploading a lot of changes to our modules today so that they can get
incorporated before the new CD pressing.  The following are the major

DR has been renamed DRC
LXXM has been renamed LXX (and the former LXX has been removed)
Scrivner has been removed (because TR will be added)
Stephanus has been removed (because TR will be added)
WH has been removed (because it is unnecessary since we have WHNU)

genitive forms changed to nominative:
hitch/Hitchcocks has been renamed Hitchcock
Naves has been renamed Nave
Smiths has been renamed Smith
Eastons has been renamed Easton
Websters has been renamed Webster

Modules with language names changed to conform to Ethnologue's standard
names for their language:
Mel has been renamed TokPisin
Ketchi has been renamed Kekchi

I'm also removing all the losung modules for the time being.  I will
re-add them in a while in a language-neutral format.  They're all
outdated anyway.

I've also removed all locked copyrighted module .confs until the new CD
is burned, but I have backups and will replace them roughly Wednesday.
(Sorry for the inconvenience Jonathan.)

In most of these cases, where a module has a changed name, I have added
an "Obsoletes={old name}" attribute to the .confs.  This way,
functionality can be added to front ends or install managers to scan
installed modules and remove any obsolete ones (e.g. if you have the new
LXX, you don't need LXXM).