[sword-devel] Mac OS X/Darwin port

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 08:00:30 -0800

> Hmmm, well, I have 10.1 running here, and have just installed the 
> macGimp package (www.macgimp.org for the 189Mb d/l, or .com 
> if you want 
> to order it on cd), and was wondering what extra things need to be 
> installed/compiled in order to get gnomesword running?

Lots and lots. :)  You could download gnomesword and issue a ./configure
to see what the first package we need to replace will be.  Gnome-1.4.0,
GtkHTML-0.14.9, & GAL-0.13.9 seem to be the main necessities listed on
the GnomeSword page for the latest version.  It might be smarter to
start with GnomeSword LE 0.4.1 since that doesn't require quite so much.
But I think it's going to be very difficult in any case until Ximian
supports Mac OS X.

> true, a native 
> frontend would be much better (hey, I love gnomesword, but I'd rather 
> not have to run X to use it, cause, well, it's not as pretty 
> as Aqua!), 

Recent builds of XFree for OS X will operate in rootless mode, so you
get to use Aqua and X-Windows apps simultaneously, though the X apps
won't have the Aqua UI.

> and so if you want some help at some stage let me know, so I 
> can start 
> learning the strange version of C that they use for OS X...  
> :)  or at 
> least so I can look into this wxwindows thing...  :)

You could look into wxWindows, but don't bother with Objective C.  I
don't want to touch Cocoa since I want a front-end that can work on Mac
OS Classic also, which means we need to use Carbon or something like