[sword-devel] Mac OS X/Darwin port

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 27 Oct 2001 17:43:08 -0700

> Hi there all, esp Chris (who perhaps can help me?):
> I was wondering what state the os x port was in atm?  I just 
> nabbed the 
> latest stuff from cvs, and it doesn't compile with the suggested 
> alterations to the .cfg file, and I tried the 1.5.2 release, but it 
> complains about the supposed bug in one of the libs included 
> with os x, 
> which the cvs version doesn't complain about (it compiles the 
> swmgr.cpp 
> class fine)...
> I shall hopefully get time this weekend to look into it further, as I 
> have no time atm...

Sorry about that.  There was an "#include <wchar.h>" line in one of the
files that shouldn't have been there.  That was the only thing
preventing the current cvs from compiling on Mac OS X.  I'm using OS X
10.0.4, not 10.1 yet, but my check is in the mail to Apple for their $20
"free upgrade" so I'll be able to confirm that we comile on X.1 in a
week or so.

> and on another note:  has anyone looked into a frontend for 
> mac os x?
> I'm thinking of trying to get gnome somehow on this, or at least the 
> parts required for gnomesword, otherwise perhaps it would be a cool 
> programming challenge (I've never done mac programming 
> before) to wack 
> something together...  :)

My plan was to do a wxWindows (www.wxwindows.org) front-end from
scratch.  Well, I'll probably try to port BibleCS to wxWindows as well
as I can.  wxWindows is a toolkit that will run on Windows, Mac, GTK+,
Motif, and others.  That will serve Mac & possibly OS/2 & BeOS (through
the GTK ports to those OSes).  Plus we'll have yet another front-end
that could run on Linux & Win32.

If you could get GNOME running on Mac OS X, you would forever have my
respect & admiration.  I know the GNU-Darwin folks have parts of GTK+ &
GNOME ported, but I don't think it's enough to run GnomeSword yet.  I
don't see forcing users to install GNU-Darwin as a viable alternative to
a native Mac OS X front-end though.  Plus I'd like to get Sword running
on Mac Classic (which rules this & Qt out, but not wxWindows).  As an
aside... isn't it pathetic that TrollTech, a commercial developer,
couldn't get Qt ported to Mac Classic, but wxWindows, a free software
competitor, already has?