[sword-devel] More Splashes

Timothy R. Butler sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 27 Oct 2001 15:55:50 -0500

> You've missed the point. The end-user should not have to be told that the
> program is loading at all. Only the minimum amout of initialisation should
> be done so that the program is ready less that 2 seconds after the load
> request is made. :-| Yes, that's right :-|
  Well, AFAIK, it really isn't that simple to make it ready in "2 seconds." 
I've watched many developers struggle with initialisation, and it appears to 
me 2 seconds on a powerful program is unpractical right now.
  Not being a C++ programmer, I could be wrong, but it appears you have a lot 
going on that adds up to that amount of time:

   1.) Linking to the dependancies such as common controls, file system 
libraries, libsword.a, etc.
   2.) Reading the available modules, and getting them ready.
   3.) Loading the various icons, and such, and displaying the GUI.
   (not to mention waiting for the disk to load stuff)

  For instance on the KDE desktop environment for X has fairly lengthy app 
loading times. These reasons are:

   1.) Up to 50% is from shared library linking. Using prelinking 
optimization can speed that up though (is that available for Windows?).
   2.) The other 50% is largly attributed to disk access which can be several 
sec. (including seek time) for a substatial-sized program.
   3.) To a lesser extent (somewhere in those two parts), fonts weigh down 
the speed by a large amount too.

  Clearly I'm talking about an entirely different operating system, but I 
think the problems have to be at least some what similar. I can also tell you 
that the KDE developers have been working on optimizing their C++ code for 
over a year, and have not succeeded to the point you describe yet.


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